Security from the Adversary Perspective

Adversary Academy seeks to make organizations more secure through research-focused adversary emulation.

Our mission is to find the weaknesses in your infrastructure and give you a step by step plan to strengthen your defense mechanisms against your adversaries known or unknown. 

Providing Organizations With Superior Offensive Cybersecurity Services

Adversary Academy has over 2 decades of cumulative experience in cybersecurity. We’ve helped fortune 500 organizations build, operate and maintain a variety of offensive and defensive security programs.

Some Statistics about Adversary Consulting
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Our Services

We specialize in offensive cybersecurity with the goal of improving detection and response capabilities for your organization.

Penetration Testing

Secure your technologies, products, and networks.

Red Teaming

Discover the steps an adversary would take in your network.


Online and in person training by hackers for hackers (and defenders too!)

Attack Surface Management

Understand how your current environment and architecture exposes your organization to risk.

Identity Attack Path Management

Understand how your identity systems and privilege management systems string together attack paths.

Nearfield Security Testing

Go beyond typical 802.11 wireless testing and understand your risk posture for all wireless communications.

Why Choose Us

What Sets Us Apart

Research Based

We invest our funding and profits directly into offensive research. That research is first shared with our customers, then openly shared with the security community in the form of presentations, blog posts and CVEs

Advance Technology

Our Decades long experience in cybersecurity gives us unique insight into the needs of organizations. We've developed custom software and hardware in order to provide the best value possible.

Experience Staff

Every member of our team has published CVEs, presented research on cybersecurity at globally recognized conferences like SANS, Disobey, and Insomni'hack

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