Penetration Testing

Continuously secure your digital footprint. Gain access to targeted vulnerability research on your organizations information systems.

Red Teaming

Understand your defensive blind spots. Go beyond point-in-time engagements and see your risk through the eyes of an adversary with the Adversary Temptation Score (ATS)

Attack Path Management

See how your environment and architecture exposes your organization to risk. Look beyond Active Directory to understand what attack paths an adversary would leverage.

Penetration Testing

Utilizing our experience competing in world class exploit and vulnerability research programs like Pwn2Own, Adversary Academy focuses on impact driven testing. Whether we are attempting to access sensitive information, breach security boundaries, or access management systems, you can be sure that our time is efficiently spent on finding the highest impact vulnerabilities on your critical information systems.

Red Teaming

Our approach to red teaming services prioritizes it as a training opportunity for enhancing detection and response abilities. We aim to offer a realistic understanding of the danger posed by advanced threat actors, employing both familiar and novel adversary Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs). Our focus is on creating well-defined exercise objectives that close gaps in detection and investigation technology, processes, and staff training. Our debriefs provide crucial context to aid in future improvement. With us, you can simulate response to worst-case scenarios without incurring actual risk.


The human factor is crucial to any security program, and we hold this belief strongly. Training plays a vital role in building foundational knowledge and honing the skills required to secure the enterprise. Merely purchasing security tools and technology is insufficient, as it is the individuals who operate these tools that differentiate an average team from a top-performing one within the organization.

Attack Surface Management

Harden and protect your on premise and cloud systems against abuse and attack. Adversary Academy can help you understand a prioritized list of targets to focus on defending in order to better defend your enterprise. In short, we can help you attain a proactive and comprehensive approach to cybersecurity that helps you secure your digital assets and maintain business continuity.

Identity Attack Path Management

Attack paths are a complex challenge in a large enterprise environment. Adversary academy maps all visible Attack Paths, Prioritizes and quantified those Attack Paths and provides network defenders with options to set up effective Choke Points against identity attacks. We provide practical remediation guidance to monitor and measure Identity attack paths going forward.

Nearfield Security Testing

Adversary Academy goes beyond traditional 802.11 wireless security testing and assesses the entire wireless spectrum on your behalf. Afterall a motivated adversary wont stop at 802.11 attacks if those are unsuccessful. As a result we incorporate Bluetooth, BLE, Zigbee, RFID and other wireless protocols into our nearfield wireless testing services.

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